• Data Dive in Texas

    Cybersecurity Professionals are in demand across the country. Here is an overview of Texas sepecific data.

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    Top Employers

    The industries represented by these employers ranged from Accounting to Space Vehicle Manufacturing, illustrating well the concept that cybersecurity skills are relevant to many organizations for which cybersecurity is not a primary line of business.

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    Wage Trends 

    Obviously, not all job postings included a specific salary, but among those that did (19.3% of the total) the median advertised salary for all postings throughout the year was $121,600. It peaked in February 2023 at $140,032.

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    Security+ Certification 

    The industries that advertised their preference for a CompTIA Security+ certification ranged from Computer Design Services to Aircraft Manufacturing, clearly illustrating the broad appeal of the credential in validating the skills of jobseekers who pursue careers in cybersecurity.


    The need for defensive cyber experts is increasing and the ability to fill that gap is decreasing.

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