• Build a Career in Cybersecurity!

    The relevant knowledge and skills gained through our training provides a successful path to earning a government, military, and industry credential and launching a high skilled, high demand, and high wage career.

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    Relevant Curriculum

    Unlike many IT programs, this turn-key curriculum is hosted on a customized Learning Management System, tightly focused on relevancy, and hosted in a secure cloud based network. Dashboards offer students and instructors to effectively monitor the learning progress.

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    Simulated Skills Lab

    For successful completion of the industry based certification, and to be a top candidate for a cyber career, students master relevant and essential skills in a simulated environment. Coherent Cyber Education provides the cyber range for schools, saving educators almost a million dollars.

  • Educational Solutions

    We have multiple resources and services to meet YOUR cybersecurity training needs.

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    Career Training

    Career programming is customized to serve learners from K12 to adults who desire a career in cybersecurity.

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    Instructor Training

    We provide relevant and comprehensive training for cyber instructors to equip them with the most current industry standards and to enhance their personal cyber knowledge.

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    Range on Demand

    Our proprietary platform, PRISM, provides learners with a high quality training platform experience. Enterprises may customize the platform experience and add their in-house content for training purposes.